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Okay, it’s not indoor gardening exactly but I am growing my own food.  I used a recipe online that called exclusively for powdered milk, which I feared would make a wimpy yogurt.  Instead, I substituted some powder for whole milk. I brought the milk come to a boil, let it cool, then added a few tablespoons of plain yogurt with live bacteria.  My first batch came out fine, not too sour, but a little watery.  On the next try I used the same amount of milk plus extra powder in hopes of a thicker version.  I set the mixure in a low oven for 8-10 hours with the thermometer still in it so I can check the temperature without disturbing the jar.  Apparently, yogurt doesn’t like to be disturbed when it’s growing, so I refrain from being too touch-feely.  This method worked best, resulting in a consistency much like sour cream.  Hmm.  From the photo you may notice this batch is a little warm, (the mixture should hover around 115 degrees).  No worry. If the yogurt doesn’t fully form or breaks, I’ll save the result for smoothies. The whole process is similar to the magic of sourdough baking — a culture is introduced into a warm comfy environment where it grows, reproduces, and turns its home into something a little more interesting. Like growing sprouts or baking bread, yogurt tastes best when you make it yourself.  There’s much satisfaction in problem solving and experimenting to find your signature flavor and texture.

Forget the plastic cups —

Eating from a charming ceramic bowl makes it tastes that much better.

The best batch to date.  I wrapped the jar in a heating pad, which made for a more controllable temperature.  Ultra creamy, this batch was sweetened with honey prior to setting.  Divine!


Written by Janie

June 8, 2008 at 12:52 am

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