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For all my skepticism in jumping on the latest technological trends, some friends are surprised I have a blog, including myself.  But for us creative folks blogs are a great way to reach an audience we might not find otherwise.   Like websites and other online venues, blogs free the work of writers and artists from dark drawers and solitary studios, offering it up to unsuspecting surfers, insomniacs and kindred spirits.  I’m continually surprised by ways people use blogs and the inspired by those who write them, but I do wish there were a more poetic name for the activity.

Take, for instance, BlueBicicletta.  I stumbled on her blog as I was creating my own, searching for examples of how bloggers were combining text and images.  An artist living in Davis, California, BlueBicicletta posted photos of her paintings, drawings and personal thoughts in a way that was honest without being confessional — no small thing, mind you.  Art, nature and relationships all make it into her blog, and like me she struggles to blend those passions with her working life.  I was particularly struck by her ink drawings, some reminding me of designs I’d made for my own windows.  I found more examples of art on her Flickr account.  The work is playful and unpretentious, the simple shapes and bold black lines refreshing.  Sometimes words serve as the main content, written in the same unfussy style as her drawings.   As an early birthday gift bought myself a drawing called “Tulip”, from a series of vessels.


It was tough choosing which of the series I wanted, but I went with my first instinct.  


The image is wholly feminine, but what I love most is the muscular interior that gives body and strength to its delicate shape.  Maybe its the fringed crown, but there’s a regal quality to the piece that became more apparent once it was framed and mounted to the wall.  Even the tulip’s poise – upright and open, filled to the rim – symbolizes those qualities I want to embody in the last half of my life.

So happy birthday to me and thanks BlueBicicletta!



Written by Janie

July 25, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Posted in Art

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful post. It made my day!


    July 28, 2008 at 10:32 am

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