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Tree of Life ~ Pt. 9

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I’m making good progress on the window, but it hasn’t come without glitches.  The gold-pink glass, though lovely and vibrant, simply overwhelmed the rest of the glass. I had concerns about ordering glass I’d never used before.  Each sheet is so unique and so difficult to assess from a catalog photo.  It wasn’t until I began cutting the glass that I realized it just wouldn’t work.  The color competed with the bright greens in the leaves.  In a fit of panic, I contacted the art consultant, who made a last-minute visit to the studio.  She agreed that the glass wasn’t right, then said the words I’ve been wanting to hear through the whole process: “Just do what you need to do to make it work.”

It was a disappointment not the use this glass – I spent $200 on this single sheet – but now I have an exquisite piece of glass to experiment with for future projects.


Here’s a peek at my progress so far:


 I redrew the entire image to fit the new dimensions.  Using a pencil allows me to adjust the design as I go.   



I deliberately left gaps between pieces to create a more interesting solder line.



I added a few pink leaves to break up the green.


I’ve laid out the entire canopy and have begun soldering.  I wanted to see how this looked before I moved on to the earth and stream.   At the last minute I found a pale blue for the sky below the canopy in place of the goldpink, which would have overpowered it all.   

I should have the front of the window soldered by the weekend, then comes the task of flipping the whole thing over!  Here, my father’s carpentry comes in handy.  He built the work table with a hinged top that opens up vertically for just this kind of challenge.  Thanks, Daddy!


Written by Janie

August 19, 2008 at 6:49 pm

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